Hello, everyone!
First, I want to say thank you for visiting this site.
I am glad to see you visiting my blog.

Second, I want to tell you something about request
I have ever said that everyone can request lyrics or others here
But there are some rules
  1. I will accept any requests that related to VISUAL KEI/OSHARE KEI/JROCK
  2. I will accept any lyrics requests that related to the labels
  3. I will accept any lyrics requests that I can write
  4. I won't accept any lyrics requests that not related to the labels, except
  5. I can hear and write the lyrics down, I will accept it
  6. Please write credit if you want to repost the lyrics
  7. I won't accept any singles/albums/PVs that not related to the labels
  8. I will accept your requests as I can
That's all
I hope you understand the rules
Note: You may correct my lyrics

There are 4 ways to request
  1. Just leave your request on the chat box (shoutmix chat)
  2. Send me mail to with subject REQUEST
  3. Add me on YM and you can chat with me whenever you want while I am online
  4. Just leave your comment on this post
Thanks for visiting
Thanks for reading
Thanks for supporting
And please enjoy this blog!!!